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Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1976, Damon Finos played his first video game – Zaxxon – on the Coleco Vision at six years old, and was instantly hooked.  He grew up in Mississauga, where his allowance and babysitting funds went to finance his collection of Nintendo and Genesis Games.

During High School, he worked part-time at a local video store.  In 1994, he attended York University, majoring in Creative Writing and English Literature, while spending his free time writing novels and playing Playstation 1.  After graduating in 2000, he moved to Japan to work as an ESL instructor.

Damon Finos currently resides in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture of Japan, where he podcasts Videogames and Sushi along with his friend and previous co-worker, “Zack.”  Despite experiencing a company bankruptcy, a massive earthquake, and a risk of radiation poisoning, Damon keeps his chin up as he continues studying Japanese, writing his next novel, and playing video games.

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