Real Life Mario Kart!

I was wandering through the crowded sidewalk of Shibuya the other day, when I happened to hear – what sounded like – lawnmower engines rumbling down the street. Were times getting tough for the local motorcycle gang? I followed the sound, as did several other curious people around me, and was shocked to see the characters from Nintendo’s Mario Kart. Yes, real-live Mario Kart! There were seven drivers in total, a mix of Japanese and non-Japanese, each driving an ordinary go-kart down the main street of Shibuya. And all of them were sporting Mario Kart costumes, ranging from Super Mario …

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Review – Journey

by Ben Adkins 8.5/10 Banza!s From the creators of flOw and Flower comes Journey, more of an experience than a game, and proof that good things come in small packages. It’s a short PSN game with a beautiful score, simple controls and graphics that draws the player in emotionally without any words or text. Without language, the player is able to focus on gameplay, solving puzzles and collecting glyphs. Basically, this game turns the essence of gaming into a playable form that is often lost these days. You start off with your character in a desert, and your goal is …

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Videogames and Sushi Episode 97

On this exciting episode: Zack and Damon talk the financials of Nintendo and Sony PS4 Emulation Zack played and enjoyed Fallout 3 Damon is still playing the Elder Scrolls Online, but also played Unfinished Swan