Videogames and Sushi Episode 97

On this exciting episode: Zack and Damon talk the financials of Nintendo and Sony PS4 Emulation Zack played and enjoyed Fallout 3 Damon is still playing the Elder Scrolls Online, but also played Unfinished Swan

Are Video Games Getting Easier?

A while back, the Japan Times published an interesting which described the “new fatalism” among young people (teens and twenties) in Japan. Based on research from psychiatrist Toru Kumashiro, young Japanese believe that effort doesn’t reap rewards, so there’s no point in trying. While I may not disagree with this, Kumashiro then used video games as a determinant to support this new fatalism attitude, saying that 1980’s games required skills, while now, “the biggest hits require the least effort.” Could this be true? Do video games these days require far less skill and effort than those 8-bit games in the …

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Review – Alone in the Dark

by Ben Adkins 3.5 / 10 Banzai!s Alone in the Dark is easily the worst game I have played in the past decade, which is really sad because I played the PlayStation 3 version. The PS3 version is supposed to be the best of the bunch, with improved controls and an extra action sequence not presented in other version. How bad is this game? It is so bad that Atari threatened lawsuits over bad reviews, under excuses that they violated embargoes (which was apparently just fine if you wrote a good review for the game) or by claiming they used …

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