Episode 35

– New ラブプラス (Love Plus) released on Valentine’s Day in Japan – Insider Info: Namco Bandai is changing up divisions and directors! Why? – Mixi entering social gaming arena – Developers abandoning the Vita! – Review on Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Episode 33

– Flickr App now available on Vita – Top 30 games in Japan – Soulcalibur V gets a NA release before Japan – Will Sony stop making Playstations?? – Damon continues adventures on Skyrim – Zack can’t get enough of Bastion

Episode 32

Happy New Year!!! – Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been getting good reviews – Nikkei reports Kaz Hirai may be Sony’s next President – We haven’t been playing the PS Vita – why? – Zack’s playing Bastion on Xbox 360 – Damon’s embarked on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Episode 31

The Playstation Vita is out!! Released here in Japan on Dec 17th 2011, and we’ve got the scoop! We explain its features, praise the good points and criticize the bad. – Zack is playing Uncharted Vita – Damon is on Ridge Racer Vita