The 2015 Tokyo Game Show!

We’ve already spent our first (rainy) day at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show, and were blown away by its sheer size and (obviously high) funds put into it. This year, all three halls of Makuhari Messe were used soley for the gaming booths, while the food court and shops, as well as a few more indie companies, were moved to a separate, nearby building to make room. Not only has TGS recovered from the loss of international companies dues to the world recession after 2008, but have arrived at a new peak in popularity. Sony allowed demonstrations of their newly named …

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Review – Resident Evil 5

8.5 / 10 Banzai!s The Game: Known as Biohazard 5 here in Japan, Resident Evil 5 continues Capcom’s action-horror series which began on the first Playstation back in 1996, and has since spawned a franchise of comic books, action figures, novels, and even films.  Resident Evil 5 had a world release in March of 2009, and has since been the biggest selling title in the series. Chris Redfield, now working for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, has been sent to Kijuju in Africa, where he partners up with Sheva Alomer to stop a bio-organic weapons deal on the black market.  …

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Episode 42

– Ayumi Hamasaki was in Shinyokohama – Several Japanese companies have released their 2011 fiscal results – Namco-Bandai made some profits and so did Tecmo! – Capcom misses their forecasts compared to last year. – Gree and DeNA change their business model due to government probing. – What are we playing? You’ll have to listen!

Episode 40

Episode 40 is up and ready for your listening pleasure!  In this episode we cover: -Burger King offers 15 pieces of bacon for 100 yen! -Nintendo DS receives a firmware update.  Fixes games with “DLC.” -A smart phone controller to rule them all? -Xbox 360 the longest running console. -We discuss Kenji Infune’s comments about Japans game industry and what we think about the. Show notes: Burger King Bacon Campaign Nintendo 3DS update Smartphone Controller (Sumakon) Xbox 360 is ridiculously old and now we can prove it Keiji Inafune Wired Interview