Episode 42

– Ayumi Hamasaki was in Shinyokohama – Several Japanese companies have released their 2011 fiscal results – Namco-Bandai made some profits and so did Tecmo! – Capcom misses their forecasts compared to last year. – Gree and DeNA change their business model due to government probing. – What are we playing? You’ll have to listen!

Episode 36

– Playstation Vita is released overseas! But what are these AR cards? – UMD Passport program will not be released outside Japan. Why? – Tokyo Jungle is back, with a release date! – Gree shares are down, due to a card battle error – 巨乳 (Big Boobies) combines the Kinect, your PC, and chest! Secret 3DS project between Capcom, Namco-Bandai and Sega! What could it be?