Videogames and Sushi Episode 88

Episode 88 highlights: Funasshi has a 3DS game coming, and you can pre-order for a limited Funasshi 3DS pouch. Square has posted videos of Final Fantasy Type Zero, comparing the original PSP with the new remake for PS4 and Xbox One. Zelda Muso has sold 1 million world wide! Damon covers the bummer that is Iron Man 2. Zack has some gripes about Halo:  The Master Chief Collection, but overall likes it.

Videogames and Sushi Episode 87

Happy New Year!  This is our last podcast for 2014, recorded on New Year’s Eve. – The Microsoft and Sony hack causes problems for some on Christmas – Stats on sales for 2014.  Which consoles are in the lead? – Damon embarks on Dragon Age Inquisition – Zack falls in love with Murdered: Soul Suspect – What are we looking forward to in 2015? Listen and find out!

The Ultimate History of Video Games

It may not be as epic as ancient Greece, but the history of video games is still pretty ultimate.  At least, that’s how Steven L. Kent portrays it in his 2001 book, The Ultimate History of Video Games.  Nearly 600 pages long, and filled with some black and white photos in the middle, his book covers not only the birth of gaming, from coin-operated pinball machines and Steve Russell’s Spacewar, but most things in-between, towards the release of Microsoft’s X-box and Sony’s Playstation 2. This isn’t the first book I’ve read related to the history of video games, but it …

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Japan and the Playstation 4

There were a number of reasons why I decided to move to Japan.  One in particular, had to do with video games.  Growing up with the Nintendo Entertainment System, and always seeing that huge list of Japanese names during the credits after beating a game, it simply sunk in my young primary school age: Japan = video games. This ideology I’d developed never seemed to falter over the years, for despite the growing number of Western third-party developers, as well as Atari still struggling with their consoles, the majority of games and game systems came from Japan, up until the …

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