The 2015 Tokyo Game Show!

We’ve already spent our first (rainy) day at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show, and were blown away by its sheer size and (obviously high) funds put into it. This year, all three halls of Makuhari Messe were used soley for the gaming booths, while the food court and shops, as well as a few more indie companies, were moved to a separate, nearby building to make room. Not only has TGS recovered from the loss of international companies dues to the world recession after 2008, but have arrived at a new peak in popularity. Sony allowed demonstrations of their newly named …

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Videogames and Sushi Episode 88

Episode 88 highlights: Funasshi has a 3DS game coming, and you can pre-order for a limited Funasshi 3DS pouch. Square has posted videos of Final Fantasy Type Zero, comparing the original PSP with the new remake for PS4 and Xbox One. Zelda Muso has sold 1 million world wide! Damon covers the bummer that is Iron Man 2. Zack has some gripes about Halo:  The Master Chief Collection, but overall likes it.

The PlayStation 4

It took three months of waiting.  After failed attempts of arranging to ship Sony’s eighth generation console overseas, I eventually gave up and decided to be patient.  All the while, sulking as I pondered over the fact that this machine was designed and built here in Japan, yet we were the last country to see its release – by a whopping three months. Finally, the days crawled to February 22nd, and the Playstation 4 was on the shelves, awaiting only those who had reservations.  It felt like Christmas had come again, and it was all I could think about during …

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