Sushi: Japan and the Culture of Clean

Something that surprises many foreigners, myself included, when they first come to Japan is how clean it is.  At any given moment you could walk down almost any street in Yokohama, or even the mecca of Tokyo, and find probably nothing more than a cigarette butt.  No papers strewn about.  No cans or candy wrappers flung carelessly aside.  That isn’t to say you won’t find any garbage but in comparison to major cities in the US it is a drastic difference. How do Japanese cities find themselves so fresh and so clean clean?  The culture of clean starts in school.  At all …

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Episode 40

Episode 40 is up and ready for your listening pleasure!  In this episode we cover: -Burger King offers 15 pieces of bacon for 100 yen! -Nintendo DS receives a firmware update.  Fixes games with “DLC.” -A smart phone controller to rule them all? -Xbox 360 the longest running console. -We discuss Kenji Infune’s comments about Japans game industry and what we think about the. Show notes: Burger King Bacon Campaign Nintendo 3DS update Smartphone Controller (Sumakon) Xbox 360 is ridiculously old and now we can prove it Keiji Inafune Wired Interview