Videogames and Sushi Episode 88

Episode 88 highlights: Funasshi has a 3DS game coming, and you can pre-order for a limited Funasshi 3DS pouch. Square has posted videos of Final Fantasy Type Zero, comparing the original PSP with the new remake for PS4 and Xbox One. Zelda Muso has sold 1 million world wide! Damon covers the bummer that is Iron Man 2. Zack has some gripes about Halo:  The Master Chief Collection, but overall likes it.

The PlayStation 4

It took three months of waiting.  After failed attempts of arranging to ship Sony’s eighth generation console overseas, I eventually gave up and decided to be patient.  All the while, sulking as I pondered over the fact that this machine was designed and built here in Japan, yet we were the last country to see its release – by a whopping three months. Finally, the days crawled to February 22nd, and the Playstation 4 was on the shelves, awaiting only those who had reservations.  It felt like Christmas had come again, and it was all I could think about during …

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Consider Before Activating Your PS4

In less than 12 hours of writing this blog (Tokyo Time) Sony’s new Playstation 4 hits the shelves in North America.  Just fourteen days later, it’ll arrive in Europe and Australia.  And by December, everyone in the world will have access to the Playstation 4 – everywhere except Japan, where it was initially designed, which has to wait until February (no, I’m not bitter). But for those of you currently waiting for midnight to get your hands on this new eighth generation console, here’s a few things to ponder over while you stand in line at your local electronics shop. …

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Sushi: Japan and the Culture of Clean

Something that surprises many foreigners, myself included, when they first come to Japan is how clean it is.  At any given moment you could walk down almost any street in Yokohama, or even the mecca of Tokyo, and find probably nothing more than a cigarette butt.  No papers strewn about.  No cans or candy wrappers flung carelessly aside.  That isn’t to say you won’t find any garbage but in comparison to major cities in the US it is a drastic difference. How do Japanese cities find themselves so fresh and so clean clean?  The culture of clean starts in school.  At all …

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Let The Games Begin! – Xbox One Vs. PS4

It’s an understatement to say that video games have come a long way since the days of 4-bit and 8-bit consoles.  Beginning with the battles between Nintendo and Sega, gaming companies have fought for popularity – and of course, sales – while consumers based their choices on a number of factors.  Which generation console is coming out first?  Which one is cheaper?  Which one has better graphics?  Which one has a better library of titles? It seems that these factors have become less important these days.  After huge failures like Atari’s Jaguar, Panasonic’s 3DO, and Nintendo’s N64, companies now learned …

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