Review – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

10 / 10 Banzai!s The Game: Skyrim continues The Elder Scrolls series with their latest open-world, action RPG title released almost worldwide in November and December in 2011.  The game was highly anticipated, an instant hit upon release, and is famed for being the very first non-Japanese game to receive a perfect 40/40 by Famitsu magazine.  Wow. The style of gameplay hasn’t changed much from Oblivion (the only other Elder Scrolls game I’ve played) with the player’s choice of first or third person view, swinging your sword or blasting fireballs at your targets while exploring the land of Skyrim and …

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Episode 39

Videogames and Sushi Episode 39 -One Piece Muso and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 get dated in the USA. -PSO2 character creator is online and we discuss our views on them in general. -Atlus is shutting down Demons Souls USA servers. Ni no Kuni is delayed in the US. -Shigeru Miyamoto has a regret! -Nintendo helps tourists at the Louvre. -Zack picks up Demonic Pitch for the Kinect. -Damon finally finishes Skyrim and moves onto to Deus Ex:Human Revolution.

Episode 33

– Flickr App now available on Vita – Top 30 games in Japan – Soulcalibur V gets a NA release before Japan – Will Sony stop making Playstations?? – Damon continues adventures on Skyrim – Zack can’t get enough of Bastion

Episode 32

Happy New Year!!! – Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been getting good reviews – Nikkei reports Kaz Hirai may be Sony’s next President – We haven’t been playing the PS Vita – why? – Zack’s playing Bastion on Xbox 360 – Damon’s embarked on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim