Videogames and Sushi Episode 88

Episode 88 highlights: Funasshi has a 3DS game coming, and you can pre-order for a limited Funasshi 3DS pouch. Square has posted videos of Final Fantasy Type Zero, comparing the original PSP with the new remake for PS4 and Xbox One. Zelda Muso has sold 1 million world wide! Damon covers the bummer that is Iron Man 2. Zack has some gripes about Halo:  The Master Chief Collection, but overall likes it.

Videogames and Sushi Episode 87

Happy New Year!  This is our last podcast for 2014, recorded on New Year’s Eve. – The Microsoft and Sony hack causes problems for some on Christmas – Stats on sales for 2014.  Which consoles are in the lead? – Damon embarks on Dragon Age Inquisition – Zack falls in love with Murdered: Soul Suspect – What are we looking forward to in 2015? Listen and find out!