Videogames and Sushi Episode 88

Episode 88 highlights: Funasshi has a 3DS game coming, and you can pre-order for a limited Funasshi 3DS pouch. Square has posted videos of Final Fantasy Type Zero, comparing the original PSP with the new remake for PS4 and Xbox One. Zelda Muso has sold 1 million world wide! Damon covers the bummer that is Iron Man 2. Zack has some gripes about Halo:  The Master Chief Collection, but overall likes it.

My Top 10 Seventh Generation Titles

Only one month to go, and both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One hit the shelves – at least, everywhere except Japan.  And in honour of the coming eighth generation consoles, I decided to list my personal favourite games from the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (sorry, nothing on the Wii made my top 10).  This list, of course, is highly subjective.  I’m not saying these were the “best” games on the seventh consoles, but simply the ones I enjoyed the most. 10. Rock Band 2 – It’s Rock Band 1, but with trophies!  84 songs, plus an additional 20 …

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Tokyo Game Show 2013

I just returned from the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, and I’m pretty exhausted.  Lots of gaming, walking, and drinking Red Bulls to stay alert.  But certainly worth the trip, and one of the better shows – mainly due to the new eighth generation consoles. I had a chance to play Killzone: Shadow Fall on the new Playstation 4.  Despite sucking at the game, it certainly felt like I was playing a game beyond anything I’ve seen on the previous PS3.  The graphics were incredible, particularly how the leaves blew naturally in the trees, and the water flowing from a fall …

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